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Taranis RF

I wanted to get some baseline measurements before I replaced my antenna for a removable one.
It’s just comparative reference plots, so don’t expect absolute values with quotable numbers. I will return to this for more measurements, but have to get back to balsa building while I wait for my DigiKey order 

In comparing the Taranis to Hitec, which I always thought well of in regard to their RF link, I’m happy to see the Taranis has at least or better peak power, but it’s TWICE the bandwidth as Hitec. This could be good or bad depending on your application.

First pic is the quick and dirty setup with each transmitter antenna exactly12″ from the analyzer antenna. I also swapped transmitters around and saw no measurable difference. Plots are labeled.

You can see how the LR12 mode gets better range. I haven’t measured the timing yet (as I only wanted an RF reference) but explained simply,
If I’m yelling at you from very far away, you can understand me better if I talk slower. LR12 is less data at same power.

xmit test plot 1 xmit test plot 2 xmit test plot 3 xmit test plot 4 xmtr test set 1

Added a plot showing the difference between Americas and Europe RF settings.  I can’t see any.  I truly don’t know if the specs or regulations are different.

xmit plot eu vs am


FrSky Taranis

Laser +  Boredom + Urge to “pimp-out” a new radio =  ________

plate2 plate4 tar4


I just painted a new Taranis shell with Candy Apple Metallic Red, laser engraved walnut trim, and copper mesh speaker grill.


candyappletaranis3taranisred2 taranisred4 taranisred5



Here is a video I did showing the extremely tight coax connection between the RF board and the antenna. Way too tight IMO, and in need of a re-work. New parts from Digi-Key on the way.



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balsastack1 bee1A new load of wood arrived and time to start cutting out pieces.  I got a few plans printed out at the local UPS store for a very reasonable $0.50 per square foot.  Not much lasercutting  to do on the Lazy Bee as it’s mostly sticks.