some laser cutting.....

some RC plane stuff, some other stuff.

FrSky Taranis

Laser +  Boredom + Urge to “pimp-out” a new radio =  ________

plate2 plate4 tar4


I just painted a new Taranis shell with Candy Apple Metallic Red, laser engraved walnut trim, and copper mesh speaker grill.


candyappletaranis3taranisred2 taranisred4 taranisred5



Here is a video I did showing the extremely tight coax connection between the RF board and the antenna. Way too tight IMO, and in need of a re-work. New parts from Digi-Key on the way.



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  1. How much!!!? Omg. Awesome! Please tell me you are going to sell these. I have two. Wanna pimp one of them.

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