some laser cutting.....

some RC plane stuff, some other stuff.

Cutting some wing ribs


Old pics from the airplane shop

It’s much uglier now.  Cant even walk down there.  It’s a balsa dust shithole.


shop4 shop1sm shop3 shop2 shop1 router8

Stix3D 27 Flies

It’s all done, the smallest RC plane I’ve built. 27 inch wingspan for indoor and backyard flying.  Dirt cheap electronics, no extra weight-loss measures (ie- no carbon fiber pushrods, no cellfoam, no contest weight balsa) , 2 cell 800mA battery, 1800kv motor from my Chinese cousins at HK,  towerpro 5 gram servos, 1.5mil doculam covering.  CG was a bit too far back for my tastes and some shuffling is called for, but it’s a hoot to fly this little bat.

Thanks to Ron at the Probro forum for the plans. The build thread is here:

I deviated from the plans by using a NACA 0015 airfoil. I  lasercut a dual-taper rib pattern from 11″ to 7.5″ chord.   If anyone wants a ribset cut let me know…. it’s already in the computer.


stix27 parts2stix27cstix27nosestix27underwingstix27astix27 almost2